The Rusty Helmet



“The helmet was rusty.”

That’s the first line in the novel that I have begun to write.  Writing a novel has long been a dream of mine.  One that I’ve started, stopped, started again, given up in futile despair, rethought, planned for, quit again, and set aside for more pressing concerns.

But I am determined that I write it.  I am determined that I write because it’s one of the few things that gives me some measure of happiness and peace.  Except that I destroy that peace by both quitting on the process, and worrying about whether or not I’ll ever be able to paint the picture I see in my head, in words for others to read.

But I must write it.  I have started to develop a “bucket list” upon which “write a novel” and “get novel published” feature strongly.

But I am not yet a good enough writer.  I have done passably well with emotion driven pieces of around 2000 words, but a novel seems a daunting task, unless I somehow find a way to be a better author than I currently am. I must add “Become a good enough writer to author a novel” ahead of the other two items on the list.

I beg assistance.  I ask for help.  Help me, gentle readers, to become a better writer.  Followers of my blog, visitors that are seeing it for the first time, either will do.

Comment.  Give me something you want me to write about.  Give me a topic.  Ask me to write about it.  Ask for humour, ask for reflection, challenge me. Inspire me.

and when I do write what your heart desires, critique it for me.  Tell me what would make it better for you, as a reader, to enjoy.  Perhaps you will like what it is I write.  Perhaps not.  I can make no guarantees that if you give me a topic, that my thoughts will mesh with yours.  I might be completely contrary.

But write I shall.  Make me ponder how to communicate my thoughts on the subject, make me sweat and agonize over the words, and make me see the flaws of it after it’s done.

Can any author be better without this?  I know that my novel will sit as nothing more than a line on a life’s to do list, if I don’t improve, so I implore any that would take the time,  Help me improve, help me aspire to that dream.

On the nitty-gritty, I ask only two things.  If I write on a topic that you have suggested I will “credit” the suggester, please help me get more critique by sharing it, or reblogging it for others to peruse, should your blog be the type that you are willing to reblog.

and the second?  Be as kind in your brutal honesty as you can afford me.  But don’t pull your punches either, tell me what it is that makes my writing poor, I will be richer for it.

And then someday… When the rust falls from my mind and fingers, and remains only on the helmet, I can tell you all about it.


8 responses to “The Rusty Helmet

  • Anonymous

    Topic ideas: the relationship between a man/woman and his/her father (who was in war). Maybe the man passed away and his child/children are rummaging through is his belongings…. Or something to do with being in battle.

  • 979247

    Make sure that you know exactly how the story ends before you start the novel. There’s nothing worse than a dead end.

    Try to end each chapter with a cliffhanger that would make the reader want to continue reading.

    As far as topic goes; try find something in your life that you think is worth telling and elaborate on it. Build characters that they may have met and challenges that they faced. Your life alone is inspiring enough to be novel.

    Your writing style is already phenomenal and i assure you, you will have us hanging on every word.


  • multiplemonster

    Would you consider writing a piece with someone?

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