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Amanda Todd

I have a special request for our legal system.

I want 5 minutes.  Each.  In a small room with a locked door. With the little punks responsible for the incessant, endless and horrific bullying of Amanda Todd.

If this post is less than eloquent, you can attribute it to my seething rage.  So I ask for 5 minutes. Each.  And when they come out of that room, you would be assured that bullying anyone will be the last thing that any of them would ever do again.

I was bullied as a child.  My wife was bullied as a child.  In my case, I ended up dropping out of school, and taking a harder road to education, and life, for more than a decade after the last of the bullying I endured.  I survived my bullying, but it changed me.  It made me lest trustful of people.  It made me question my self-worth.  It made me sneer at anything complimentary directed my way, because I doubted its sincerity, but at the same time, left me gasping for the fresh air of approval from other people.

I won’t speak to the effects that bullying had on my wife.  It’s not something we discussed much, as if it was somehow a dark stain on our own characters because of something that occurred in the past, done by other people TO us, not because of us.  But something does stick out.  Cleaning out her Parents basement, we happened across old year books from her high school, where people had written hateful messages in it. 15 years later, you can still see the spiteful, petty, worthless opinion of small-minded people .  We threw out the yearbooks.  Why keep the record of other people’s cruelty any longer?  But the memories of it endure.  They never really go away.

I sincerely hope that Amanda’s parents do not blame themselves in any way for her death.  Please, dear people, don’t do it.  Don’t accept the blame.  There was nothing you could have done. Don’t listen to the self-righteous who will say that if you had have monitored Amanda better, had taken away her access to her phone or computer would have changed anything.  Don’t let other people make excuses for the filth that bullied your child.

My parents watched with endless sadness as I was bullied.  They wanted desperately to stop it, to help.  There was nothing they could do.  And I was fortunate that my bullying came before the era of instant message bullying that the garbage of the world now use.  I could escape some of my bullying by skipping school, hiding out away from the crowds.  Amanda had no such luxury.  Her bullies stalked and pursued her and drove her to the edge of madness, and when she reached that point, they pushed her off.

I want every, single, little piece of trash who was in on the bullying caught, and charged.  Every one.  They deserve nothing less, and deserve far more.  It is an absolute outrage that people, regardless of age, would engage in such reprehensible downright EVIL behaviour.

And I hope to God that this somehow gets read by some, or all of the people responsible.  Because I have a message for them.

You are worthless.  You are garbage. You are the shit we scrape off of our boots after we step in it. You are a stain on the human race.  It is Amanda that deserves to go on living, to have a good life, not you.  You deserve nothing but unending contempt and loathing from every citizen of this country, rather, every citizen of this world.

And for the rest of us, no silence.  Speak out until something is done.  Criminal charges for bullying.  Expulsions.  No tolerance at all. Make no excuses for them.  No wringing of our hands worrying about how it will spoil the future for the bully, if we come down on them like a ton of bricks.  Make it so that bullying leads to severe consequences.  Make it hurt so much that they regret the day they first drew breath.

And if we can do this, if we can speak as one voice and stand up to the bullies, by making them pay a heavier price than the cowards are willing to, maybe they’ll actually fuck off and leave others alone. Maybe, we can save the next girl or boy driven to despair by the endless cruelty.

But I’d prefer my 5 minutes with the little cockroaches.  It would be the longest 5 minutes of their pathetic lives.