Your Brain is bigger than your heart

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition – they somehow already know what you truly want to become. – Steve Jobs.

your heart, because if you always trust your mind, you’ll always act on logic, and logic doesn’t always lead to happiness. – unknown.

The first quote is from a brilliant man, who unfortunately died early. The other, doesn’t have an author. And as brilliant as Steve Jobs was, Both are ridiculously stupid comments.  Steve Jobs say something stupid? Say it isn’t so! We hear it all the time. Follow your heart. Your heart can lead you. Don’t listen to anything else but your heart. Which of course, leads us as people, to make stupid, stupid STUPID decisions.  Maybe it’s getting the house you can’t afford…  or giving that cheating bastard one more chance because you just love him so much.  Maybe it’s getting that fifth cat.  (ok, that one is mild psychosis. )  Point being, your heart tells you do do some braindead things.

There are a few elections coming up. One domestically, with the Quebec provincial election. A month later, We’ll watch the great sideshow that is the U.S. election. And both elections will have one thing in common. People making uninformed decisions, following their feelings to vote, instead of thinking things through in the slightest.  One of the greatest, and scariest parts of democracy, is that all voices count the same. That guy in the dirty mesh ball cap that says “Pobody’s nerfect” wearing trackpant shorts and a Nascar t-shirt? His vote counts the same as yours, Mr. Harvard professor. Let’s make it more horrifying and realize that Kim Kardashian actually has a say in the leadership of her country… the same say as Maya Angelou.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams pointed out once that a test on intelligence in politics had some probable depressing results. Take the 100 smartest people in the country, and let them be the only to vote. Two results could apply, both which make you shake your head. The first result would be that all the smart people vote for one candidate, assuming that he or she is the best choice. This would indicate that intelligence would find a way to pick the better option… and that we don’t do that now. We let stupid people have the same voice as smart people. The other result would be that the vote would STILL be split, meaning that elections have nothing to do with intelligence at all, and even the smart people vote with something other than their grey matter.  If I were to forward a guess, I think the second result would hold true, because we aren’t ruled by our minds in elections. We’re ruled by our emotions and feelings. Why else do all election adds appeal to emotional response? I don’t watch election ads for other countries, but I do see them for the US and Canada. And one unifying truth between the two: Facts don’t matter. Emotions do. FEEL how we can help you. let your HEART tell you to vote for.

Now if would make a prediction on the US election, I think that Romney is going to win. One of the biggest emotional draws in an election is “change” when you aren’t happy with the way things are going. Obama rode that wave in to office, and it will likely be that same wave that sees him leave the office too. In my not so humble opinion, Romney and his hate mongers in office should give Canada the motivation to start building a wall. But allow me to focus on our country.  We are less than a day away from a probable Parti Quebecois victory in the provincial election. The rest of Canada of course, is not pleased with this concept. Yes, let’s return to the days of whining separatists and threats of secession if we don’t give them cherries to go on top of their parfait. Fun will be had by all. I have known many Francophones, and the picture that gets painted of them, of whiney spoiled children is not accurate. But they repeatedly choose leaders that make hyperactive spoiled kids in need of Ritalin and a spanking look well-behaved.

It seems to me that the province of Quebec has forgotten Jaques Parizeau and Lucien Bouchard, two men who were so far out to lunch that they managed to have four or five courses at a prix fix of self-delusion. Why? Again, emotion. Jean Charest is a sorry pathetic excuse for a politician. The Students whining about their tuitions (lowest in the country) going up, add more fuel to the fire. And we are inches away from another election ruled by hearts, by emotions, and an absence of anything resembling good sense.

There will be no negotiating this time around. Harper has a clear majority Federal government, and a complete lack of desire to hand more power to the treasonous bastards of the Parti Quebecois. And nor should he. Part of the problem with previous dealings with the separatists is pretending that they really had a leg to stand on in the first place. Placating people who will not be placated is a fools endeavour.  Because they won’t get what they want, the Parti Quebecois will undoubtedly try to kick up a grassroots support for another referendum. Another kick at the can to separate from the Dominion, which is not unlike a fetus trying to separate from the mother while still in the womb. It’s a concept so cracked that it’s laughable, but that won’t stop them from doing it anyways. Again, all because they are too busy feeling, to think.

I implore any who may read this, to think before you ink. Stop. Take a deep breath. Shut off your emotions for thirty seconds, and realize what you are actually getting yourselves in to. I don’t believe that in this election, or really in most elections, there are very good choices to choose from. Such is the lousy part of democracy… slimebags, liars and idiots are par for the course.   But don’t let the metaphorical “heart” that is your treacherous, fickle, and all too often deluded emotions, make you make the Worst choice of the bunch.


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