To be unread by most

I’m just an opinionated jerk.   We’ll…. we’re all opinionated, and jerks in various levels of vocal expression and for lack of a better word, jerkiness.  I just take ownership of my loud mouth and boorish ability to offend.

If you’re reading this, you’ll sooner or later be offended, or think I’m an idiot, or presume I think I’m better than I really am.  I’m comfortable with that. When you have an ex-wife, you get used to all types of criticism that doesn’t change what you are or how you want to say it.

Fact is though, one of the truly important rights we have is freedom to express ourselves as we see fit.  So many in the world have no such right.  Often enough we use that right to say or do incredibly stupid things. Just turn on the T.V. and watch our stupidity in action.

Right of freedom of expression also dictates that we can be critical of other points of view.  Nothing changes in our world without the conflict of argument.  The world would remain flat, the sun would circle the earth, and bathing would be bad for your health, if nobody stood up and countered popular opinion.  If nobody argued.  If nobody disagreed with mob-think.  there is nobody more stupid than all of us at the same time.

Not that I believe that in writing a blog I’ll be affecting the world in any meaningful way.  This will probably go unread by most.  But if you’ll permit me my intellectual self gratification, I’ll be more than happy to permit yours.  If you read this blog and it offends, comment.  If you read it and disagree, discuss.  Argue.  Even call me a moron.  I can take it.  At many times in my life I am, for all intents and purposes, a mouth breathing cretin.

Such is the spice of life.




One response to “To be unread by most

  • mcqty

    I like a person that is not afraid to tell it like it is. I just had a conversation with my boyfriend about “real” and “fake” people. Wish there were more “real” people out there. I think society has made people afraid to be themselves or afraid to speak the truth. I think it’s refreshing, and in my own opinion – LIFE is hilarious and it’s easier to just laugh at the truth of the matter and move on.

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